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July 13, 2003



Two Years Old


Picture By Re'Lee



Before Polo was born, it was decided by his dam's co-owner Korinne Vanderpool and me that Korrine would whelp the litter, take the pick puppy, and keep it. I would co-own that puppy and help show it. I had several dogs too many at home and certainly didn't need another puppy. After the birth of the litter, Korinne and I had a big problem. We couldn't decide which puppy was pick puppy
We knew the girl would be going to a wonderful home, but the boys were our problem. We finally decided that Korinne would keep one, one would go to a show home in Texas, and the third one would go to one of many show homes we had waiting on a puppy. The question was who would go where??? We had some breeders and handlers look at the puppies to help us decide. By this time Korinne had decided she would keep Pablo. Most all the breeder's and handler's that looked at the puppies decided Parker was the pick puppy.
Off to Texas Parker went to his new home. Polo was left for me to decide to which home he would go. After just a few weeks, I knew there was no decision to be made. This puppy wasn't going anywhere. Polo's grandmother was the dog
closest to my heart, and this puppy was quickly invading her space.
Polo entered the ring for the first time at 6 months and 9 days old. He jumped around the ring, grabbed the leash from his handler Terri Galle, and became the joke of the day at the show. The next day the joke was on us, as Polo marched in like he owned the ring and won his first 2 points under breeder judge Rodney Merry by going winners dog and best of winners.
A few weeks later, at Polo's third set of shows, he won a BOB from the 6-9 class under judge Dorothy Nichols. Polo was then shown at several major shows winning a reserve to a major. His littermate Parker won that major.
 Then, at the American Boxer Club Nationals, Polo won Best Junior Puppy In Futurity under Judge Mel Holliman and placed second in the regular classes under judge Tim Hutchins. On the way home from ABC, we stopped in Tupelo, MS, where Polo won a BOW and WD both days.
After a much needed rest, two weeks later Polo headed to a 2 week circuit in Oklahoma where he finished his championship by winning five shows and one reserve out of seven shows,  2 of them specialties. He also won a best puppy in sweeps, a group 1 in all breed sweeps, and a grand sweeps. Polo finished one day after his brother Parker. He is the second champion for his dam Cece.







Breeders: Darlene Vickers, Korinne Vanderpool and Tina Truesdale
Owned by: Darlene Vickers and Korinne Vanderpool



Darlene Vickers
Jena, Louisiana



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